( All translations Marjo Kersten )

Two-master schooner 'Noorderlicht' is sailing in the northern regions all year round.

End of May the winterice disappears from the fjords of Spitsbergen:time to set sails in the Arctic waters!

By the end of May the sailing season starts at Spitsbergen. The fjords slowly release the ice and the ship sets sail in the Arctic regions. Thus in June and July it sets sail to the north of Spitsbergen. In August and September, depending on the condition of the ice the ship circumnavigates Spitsbergen. By the end of September the ship leaves Spitsbergen and sails towards northern Norway .The days shorten and the landscape gets ready for winter. By the end of October herring swims into Lofoten with killer whales in their tracks. Until the beginning of December it is possible to witness this spectacle. Thereafter, it is time to get back to Spitsbergen before everything is frozen over. The ’Noorderlicht’ hibernates in Tempelfjorden, icebound.

From mid February, when daylight slowly returns, the 'Noorderlicht' can be visited by dog sleigh or snow scooter. 

By the end of May, sometimes with help from an icebreaker , the ship returns to Lonyearbyen to set sail for summer.

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