Norway (Autumn)

The impressive fjords with the thousands of smaller and bigger islands, the massive mountains of Lofoten with at their feet multicoloured fishing villages visualise the beauty of the wild North of Norway.

This is where the 'Noorderlicht' sails from mid November through to the beginning of December.

In this period herrings swim into the fjords of Lofoten and Ofoten, with the killer whales in their tracks. The migration of herring clearly changed ever since 2006 due to several causes. This is why the herring-fishing is slightly reduced but there are still chances of spotting killer whales. In this area sailing always remains a game with nature. Sea eagles also know how to spot the herring so there is a large chance that you see these enormous birds as well. In order to explore the land hikes are being made with a guide (varying in length from 1to 2 hours).

On a clear day it is possible to see aurora borealis, a lights spectacle with green fragments of light that dance through the sky.
In autumn the days are short in northern Norway, so the dark hours either provide the tour guide with ample time to give a lecture or to rest and read a book. Aboard books are available with background information on Norway.
At this time of the year the temperatures are between -5 and 10 degrees Celsius.