March/April 10

Written by Super User.

A very special day took place on 30th of April:
The first Wedding ever onboard!
Eldrid and Terje from
Norway with friends and family arrived on snow scooter with Mikael as their guide.
With balloons on the gangway and all dogs wearing a red ribbon we welcomed them onboard.
The weather forecast was overcast, but we got blue sky and sunshine!!
First they enjoyed lunch, and afterwards a trip into the glacier front.
As the Governor of Svalbard arrived in the afternoon the official part could start.
Their wish was to marry outside, so all guests was sitting on reinsdeerskin to keep warm, and the dress code was a warm snowscootersuit. And we can tell you now, this is really romantic!
The Governor entered them into matrimony with a beautiful speech and the mountains of Tempelfjorden formed a special background.
As a new married couple they had to for fill an Artic duty: A heart with their names was frozen into a big block of Glacier ice. With an axe they had to cut it out of the ice, in one part. And they succeeded.

Champagne on the deck!
At dinnertime Terje, Eldrid and their guests changed snowscootersuit into smoking and fine dresses.
Sonja served them a lovely meal, accompanied by selected wines from Huset.
The next day after the breakfast we waved them goodbye.

You can imagine this was a great day in the ships history!

30th April On air again!

March was a beautiful month with many dog sledge visits, a lot of snow scooter guests and finally a layer of snow on the ice. The record for this year was 72 Alaska Huskies around the ship.
As Sonja, our Chef had to work in
Antarctica on bark Europe till end of February, she could join the ship from half of March. Till half March, Ted and I got good help from Linda Smit and Kiek. Also trainee Redmer joined the team. End of March Ted left for the Netherlands, and Barbara came to join the crew.
Suddenly, half of April, the busy season was put 'on hold' as all flights were cancelled due to the
Island vulcano. The fjord was empty, only in the weekend some scooters passed by, locals from Longyearbyen made their weekend trips. Such a pity with no guests around as the weather was beautiful up here.
The sledge training with the three young dogs was going well but they were still too playful in front of the sledge. So we were very happy when Humla could join the dog team, she is a retired Husky from the Base camp dog yard. Already quite old, but a great help in educating Cha-Cha, Polka and Samba.
Suddenly they are more serious and concentrated while running in the harness.
And as the flights started up again, soon the season was back in full speed.
Tomorrow we will have a very exciting day in the ships history, more news in the weekend!
Minus 16 degrees right now, and the
midnight sun is with us.