November/December 13

At Friday 20th of December 22.00 pm,
Noorderlicht arrived well in the port of Longyearbyen!
To see the see the ship in the harbour,
check the 360° livecam:

20 th December Up North again!

After the Lofoten season 2013, Noorderlicht sailed straight to the shipyard in Harstad.
Not only the annual inspection of the hull, also replacement of the anchor winch and many more jobs are on the working list this week.
Gert, Ted and Jeroen gave their best to get everything ready in time.
Monday, 16th of December, HAMEK shipyard is ready to launch the ship.
After loading all winter stores, Noorderlicht is heading for open sea.
Up North!
With strong winds, they could make 200 Nautical Miles in the first 24 hours..

28th November The Lofoten Islands in 2013.

We can say that 2013 in the Lofoten on board the Noorderlicht is an exceptional year. The scenery and the surrounding mountains are still stunning, the sailing in the small channels between the islands while spotting an eagle is very exciting and the walks through those typical and very characteristic small (fishing)villages are awe-inspiring.
When it comes to light-play, the sun and the moon do their very best, but clouds mostly cover them. And that is where it comes to the exceptional thing this year.
After three week trips with Dutch and many other nationalities, we can say with confidence the weather is exceptionally bad.
A whole week of crispy northerly winds, usually bringing bright clear skies is quite common for the region and time of the year, but so far we have hardly experienced them.
A line of depressions have come our way, bringing mostly strong southwesterly winds or storms with a mix of snow/ hail and rain. Temperatures are jumping up and down, as is the barometer. You can imagine that spotting the aurora borealis gives us some trouble. Our guests are very enthusiastic and if there is a chance of aurora to be seen,they make their own watch system and during the dark hours of the long night they keep a keen eye out for the aurora borealis. And successfully at times too!
We have had some good sightings of this intriguing fenomenam, bringing the cameras and tripods out and trying to take some good shots of it on a dark desolate beach on a cold clear evening. The results are promising, even if you are not a professional photographer and don't have an expensive big camera.
Daylight is getting less and less here above the Arctic Circle, so the chances of spotting the northern lights are getting better. Let's hope for better weather these last 10 days!

All is well on board, the crew.

1 November 2013  End of Spitsbergen season and start of Lofoten voyages!

The 23th of October, Noorderlicht finished her 'Spitsbergen 2013' season.
She left the port of Longyearbyen in the afternoon, heading for Norway.
With fair winds they passed Bear Island two days later.
Due to strong winds the schooner sail got some damage, but already the 27th of October, they entered Andefjorden in Norway.
Late in the afternoon they moored the ship in Harstad.

The 1st of November the Lofoten voyages has started.
Lodingen is our port of embarkation.
We hope to give you an update soon, the temperature is 5 degrees Celsius at the moment..