January / February 2014

Februari 25 th Longing for the cold!

January and February have been very warm in Spitsbergen.
The temperatures were 13 -14 degrees above the normal average temperatures.
Must have been a new record again..

The low pressure areas keep on moving between Greenland and Spitsbergen, which results
in Southerly winds over here.
It is these winds that bring the warm temperatures and presses relative warm water in the fjords.

We need much colder temperatures to get ice in Tempelfjorden.
But as our first winter guests will arrive soon we have to start plan B to welcome the guests.
The coming days we will situate the ship deep in the fjord at the ice edge.
In the meantime we keep fingers crossed for a real winter.
If the temperatures drop, the forming of ice can go really fast...

Januari 27 th There are big changes in the darkness the last week.
Although the sun is still 7,4 degrees below the horizon, we still get more light every day.
It is 10.30 am right now, and we can see al mountains around us, especially the southern sky looks like the daylight is coming back soon.. 

Januari 26 th We hope your first weeks of the New-year has been great!

Still 24 hours of darkness in Spitsbergen.
But with the moonlight reflecting on the snow, our sight increases!

The temperatures are not that cold at the moment, so we are still in the port of Longyearbyen.
Hopefully it will be better in a few days.
We frequently can see the Northern lights since we arrived, and even better when we went out to check the conditions in the fjords.

Looking forward to update you from Tempelfjorden soon!