October/November 08

Lofoten, 25 november 2008

Today ended the first Lofotentrip of 2008, we are back in Lodingen after a week of sailing through the Lofoten Islands. On board an international crew with people from Belgium, Germany, Russia, UK and France. Dirk, one of the Belgium guests wrote his impressions down.
"This is my thirth trip in two years on Noorderlicht. Two times at Spitsbergen and now the Lofoten. Very different in comparisation with Spitsbergen, but nevertheless very interesting.
The Lofoten, an archipel in the artic 100 NM above the polarcircel, is Norway on her best! And the late autumn gives such an other dimension. Picturesque fishing villages are hidden between snow covered steep mountains. The days are short, it becomes light around 9 o'clock and it is getting dark again at 15.00u. Rough autumnweather with snow and lots of wind are happily alternated with sunny days when the sun coloures the sky so beautiful red that sunrise and sunset slightly cross. Although the days are short, it never get's bored. During daytime there is a good combination of sailing and hiking and after dinner Jan, our gide, gives a lecture on Northern Lights or Spitsbergen.

And then yesterday, we finally saw the Aurora Borealis while walking trough a small place called Tranoy. After lying for 1,5 hours on my knies on the frozen ground I made some beautiful pictures.

Unfortunalty somebody failed to turn up, the killer whale. For those who booked the trip assuming to get an orcasafari, it wasn't that much fun. For me, myself, the trip was more than a succes! Next year I will show up on Noorderlicht again, this time back to Spitsbergen. Does this tell you enough?"



15 November2008Noorderlicht in Harstad.

The crossing from Spitsbergen to Norway was a very very fast one!
In only 100 hours they sailes 599 Nautical Miles to Tromsø in the northern part of Norway.
Thanks to the good help of extra crewmembers Dennis, Jeroen, Erik, Jan-Harmen and Kitty the ship arrived well in Harstad a few days later.
Moored at the shipyard in Harstad quite some work was planned...
The annual inspection of the ship had to take place and we want to give her a new layer of paint. But as we learned from the last years the climate in
Norway and Spitsbergen is too cold and too moisty for this work. So this year we planned to have her indoor. But as the entrance of the big shipyard hall is only 25 metres high, the mast had to be taken off by crane.
And so we started to work with a team of 6 people and ofcourse the help of the shipyard HAMEK staff.
The masts were taken off with a crane last week and friday the 7th of november the ship was taken on the slip inside.
It really looks very very strange to see her without masts indoor!
(Some photos will be on the website in two weeks)
All sorts of work is already done: changing waterpipes, scraping off the rust inspection, painting her allover, etc. etc.
Mondaymorning she will be in the water again.
From a snowy Harstad,
Gert, Ted, Sebastiaan, Sonja, Renske and Maaike


Sunday 26th of October Noorderlicht left the harbour of Longyearbyen with northeasterly winds.

She is leaving the waters around Spitsbergen and heads for Norway.

Port of call is Harstad in the northern part of Norway. Here she will be in the shipyard for the annual inspection.