June 11

Third trip Noorderlicht 10-21 June 2011
Some quotes from our passengers about this trip:

We had a dream. The dream to travel on a sailing boat and the dream to see a corner of the world, which is really far off…- Hans and Theres Bachmann

The concern grew upon arrival: On the way from the Longyearbyen airport to the centre, we passed a little boat which turned out to be the Noorderlicht. This tiny little thing shall host up to 20 people for more than 10 days? Well, thanks God we did not have to wait for that big ship that carried some 3.800 passengers to realize how nice and cosy our boat was. - Doerthe Gilgenast and Gerd Jungbecker

Already thinking about going to Svalbard a year before, we almost accidentally saw some pictures of the Noorderlicht on the Internet. That was the moment we knew that it has to be THAT boat. - Sandra Weiss and Marcian Farhang

Two over-enthusiast pax members, their first evening on the Noorderlicht in Tryghamma, wonderful calm and sunny weather, are sure to see their first polar bear at the foot of the glacier a few hundred metres away with their super binoculars. The bell is rung and everybody is showing up on deck. The opinions are however divided; is it a fallen rock on the ice on the foot of the glacier or indeed a polar bear? Robin our guide comes in after a short look outside and is happy to announce that the rock concerned has disappeared for sure. - Marja & Boudewijn Rietveldt

Living on a sailboat does not mean you get to eat fish everyday. With a cook sent from heaven (even as a vegetarian) you gain several kilos. - Monique van Weerden

We admired all this more or less untouched nature and due to the fantastic weather with 24 hours sunshine we got more suntanned than we would have got on some beach in the south.
Looking on the map, a lot of Dutch names give me a feeling of being at home in a way. - Hans van der Vecht

I've got my eye contact with the King of Spitsbergen. - Chantal Legveld

On our first trip of the season, a Norwegian group boarded the vessel:
We boarded Noorderlicht on June 1st 2011. We have sailed over 80 degrees north. We have seen a walruscolony on the Island Moffen, 6 polar bears (one with a cub), birds, reindeer, polar foxes, white wales and beautiful flowers. It is a breathtaking nature that has to be experienced. Beautiful sunny days with landings and hikes from the boat. On one trip to Raudfjorden we put on our snowshoes and were ready to hike, then a polar bear walked towards us! We had to rush back to the boat. Exciting!
The crew on board displays a fantastic service. The chef Menthe is the 'Masterchef of Svalbard'. The guide Jan is filled with knowledge and always takes good time to explain about all that we see, from trappershuts to all the animals and nature. The captain Gert, Barbara and Aafke do the best they can for us. We all became like one big happy family.
This trip is warmly recommended. Jan Handeland has been to 35 different countries and this is defenitely the best trip. Morten mentiones the bar on Noorderlicht as the most northern, cheapest and best bar he has been in. The crew worked for 24 hours a day, they have been amazing.
A big thank you from 'Team Norway':
Mia Therese Handeland Bjornstad, from Sarpsborg, Norway
Kari Anne Handeland, from Skedsmo, Norway
Jan Ivar Handeland, from Skedsmo, Norway
Anne Handeland, from Skedsmo, Norway
Tor Haugen, from Kongsberg, Norway
Morten Sivertzen, from Kongsberg, Norway