August 15

On its latest voyage, the SV Noorderlicht took 18 intrepid explorers from all over the world to discover the natural history of Spitsbergen.
Highlights of the trip included the wonderful opportunities to photograph the sea ice, polar bears along the wild shores and several whale species including many beautiful beluga.
We also encountered walrus, reindeer, blue and brown arctic foxes and cliffs echoing to the calls of kittiwakes, guillemots and little auks. The rare ivory and Sabine's gull made an appearance, as did rock ptarmigan and purple sandpiper.
The whaling and mining history of Spitsbergen was evident on many of our excursions whilst the botanists on the trip appreciated the variety of beautiful arctic plants.
We enjoyed the stunning glacial scenery and geological features of this unique archipelago, described so well by our experienced and knowledgeable guide.
The SV Noorderlicht was a perfect base for exploring, giving ready access to the many remote beaches. Travelling under sail was a unique experience.
The crew were extremely hard-working, friendly and obliging, helping to make this a memorable trip for the entire group.